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Accompaniment and peace is a step away.

Life will triumph: this is a sure hope for us. Yes, life will triumph because truth, goodness, joy and true progress are on the side of life.

-Dignitas Personae-

Meet the Team

IVF. Infertility. Questions. Loss. Our stories, interwoven, have brought us together to offer a place of camaraderie and a journey of peace for those struggling with final decisions in your IVF journey. 

Our stories are as varied as yours, but connected with threads of expertise and compassion. We are humbled that you have arrived here to confide and heal.

women giving each other support

Our Offerings

Thank you for visiting! Through our joint reflection and expertise, we are able to accompany you through the following:


Ready to begin post-IVF reflection and discernment, but not sure where to start? Take our free assessment to analyze where you are in your processing and how we can best match you with healing resources. Following your assessment, we will consult one-on-one with you to help you determine next steps!


One-on-One Mentorship

Making a decision with frozen embryos? Reeling from past choices in IVF? Join us for a 6 week discernment course, where you will be matched with someone one-on-one to walk you through these tough choices and realizations.


Still coming to terms with the ethical, physical, emotional, and spiritual implications of IVF? Utilize our educational resources to gain greater clarity and insight.


Honor your embryos and miscarriages; name your children and share any pictures of your children and memorialization service/mementos.


Scriptural Meditation

As your acceptance and healing bring you closer to Christ, use this self-paced Scriptural guide to launch you into greater reconciliation with yourself, your spouse, and your faith.


Sign up on our waitlist for virtual and in-person retreat options.


Sharing your Story -
Coming Soon

Ready to share with others about your post-IVF healing and redemption? Prepare to take part in our speakers training to be able to speak out in truth. Coming soon.

Practice Areas

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