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"I wish I could rewind and redo all of this knowing what I know now." --Katy*

Social media has made IVF out to be a very beautiful process. True, one of waiting and hoping and testing, but aesthetically pleasing nonetheless. What about the trials and questioning that comes afterwards?

The bill for your stored frozen embryos reminding you that there is a decision to make.

The loss of embryos with fragmentation and other development issues.

The loss of control in the embryo donation process.

The disconnected clinics and their business practices.

The passage of time failing to heal the swirling thoughts of "what if."

Here you will find the space to tackle the hard truths and realities which come with IVF. Rather than condemnation and shame, here you will find accompaniment through challenging education and spiritual growth and renewal. Welcome, we are glad you are here.

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