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  • Why do you have an honoring page?
    At Shiloh, we unequivocally recognize the humanity of embryos from the first moments of conception. Often embryos are lost in the process of visual grading and assessment, genetic testing, freezing and thawing, transfer, and early miscarriage. To embrace their short lives, we encourage you to use our honoring page to share their names and pictures.
  • What is Shiloh?
    Shiloh is a Christ-centered post-IVF healing ministry, aimed at helping women and couples discern next steps in their healing journeys, from discerning treatment of frozen embryos to reconciling with the ethical and spiritual implications of IVF and its real negative effects.
  • So is Shiloh only for Christians?
    The team at Shiloh is Christian and necessarily approaches this healing journey from a Christ-centered faith perspective. However, the resources within Shiloh can be tailored to your faith background and relevant to anyone. The goal is post-IVF healing.
  • What is the meaning of the name Shiloh?
    Hannah is a Biblical character (1 Sam 1:1-1 Sam 2:26) who yearned for children, but spent many years barren. Each year she and her family traveled to Shiloh to offer sacrifices to the Lord. On one such occasion, she entered the place of prayer and wept bitterly to be able to have a child. Her yearning and desperate pleas echo those of the women and couples who find themselves in desperate situations trying to conceive. Many of us find ourselves in our own places of "Shiloh."
  • Is there a cost to any part of Shiloh?
    At this time, our services are free. A small fee may be associated with one-on-one mentorship to compensate our mentors for their time, and future retreats will have a cost associated.
  • What does the initial assessment and consultation involve?
    Each person coming to Shiloh is at different steps of healing already. The initial assessment and consultation helps us to match you to where you are at in your healing process, and determine whether you would most benefit from one-on-one mentorship, your own self-paced reflection, or simply learning more through our educational resources.
  • Is the education only Christian oriented?
    Though there are faith implications of actions in IVF, there are more general ethical and philosophical questions with which to grapple in IVF. For those of different or no faith orientation, these educational resources are quite varied.
  • I am not a Christian. Do I need to use the Scriptural meditation or partake in the retreat?
    While the Scriptural resources are recommended, one is certainly not required to use the Scriptural healing meditation. Our initial assessment and consultation will help us guide you through fitting healing resources. Faith will play an integral part in our future healing retreats, but one need not be Christian in order to attend.
  • Where will the retreat take place?
    Please check back on future retreat locations!
  • Will I be expected to speak out on my IVF experience?
    No! Not everyone is called to speak to larger audiences or even to family and friends about your post-IVF healing experience. Everyone's experience is unique and personal to you. Rather, after you have engaged with your healing process, you may find yourself called to speak out and educate others, in which case we will prepare you for success!
  • I'm ready to be sharing about my healing experience now! Can I get started?
    We welcome everyone ready to share with others about post-IVF regret and healing to speak out! You will be helping break down walls of a taboo subject which others may not have been able to engage with if not for your bravery and clarity. We still welcome you to engage with our initial assessment and consultation, as well as our educational resources in order to best prepare.
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