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real stories of post-IVF regret and healing

 Example Testimonial: "Hannah"

The following is a fictional account and serves as an example of how a testimony might read.

Two years ago we left our IVF experience not with peace, but with lingering questions, guilt, and regret: "What have I done?!" 

After all the years, all the treatment, even after giving birth to our perfect little girl, there were 4 more embryos being kept frozen. My husband and I know they are our children, but with our accounts drained and unsure if my body could handle another pregnancy, I have now been left in a position of trying to decide how to treat them.

I have come to Shiloh ministry both to seek healing and to warn others: IVF will not answer your questions, it will leave you with more moral dilemmas than you thought possible!

Letter to My Friend Considering IVF

K, one of our Shiloh team members with personal IVF experience, has written this beautifully thought out letter to anyone considering IVF. Take a read here.

"Research your hesitations. Trust your gut and spend time in prayer, asking God to guide you. He will reveal the truth to you."

Testimonial Submission

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